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Int Endod J. 1998 May;31(3)155-60.New perspectives on radicular cysts do they heal? Nair PN, Department of Oral Structural Biology, Centre of Dental and Oral Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

During the past few decades several authors have perpetuated the notionthat nearly half of all periapical lesions are radicular cysts. A few studies, based on meticulous serial sectioning of periapical lesions retrieved in toto, have shown that the actual incidence of radicular cyst is only about 15% of all periapical lesions. Equally significant was the discovery in 1980 and recent confirmation that radicular cysts exist in two structurally distinct classes namely, those containing cavities completely enclosed in epithelial lining (periapical true cysts) and those containing epithelium-lined cavities that are open to the root canals (periapical pocket cysts). From a clinical point of view a periapical pocket cyst may heal after conventional root canal therapy whereas an apical true cyst is less likely to be resolved without surgical intervention.

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